Ontario International Airport earns prestigious designation as a ‘Great Place to Work’

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(Ontario, California – 12 de septiembre de 2023) – It’s official: Southern California’s Ontario International Airport (ONT) is a Great Place to Work – certified as such by the Oakland-based organization of the same name that is globally recognized for its evaluation of work environments.

The Great Place to Work designation comes as the popular gateway has blossomed into one of the aviation industry’s great success stories since its return to local ownership In November 2016. ONT has seen annual traffic volumes increase by nearly 50% during that period – from just over 4 million a year to a projected 6 million-plus in 2023 – despite a global pandemic that ground air travel to a halt around the world.

“None of what we’ve been able to accomplish would be remotely possible without the trust, passion and dedication of the best airport team anywhere. Our employees are our most valuable asset, and creating a culture that empowers them to bring innovation ideas forward, to perform at the highest level and to enjoy coming to work,” said Alan D. Wapner, President of the Ontario International Airport Authority (OIAA).

A survey of ONT employees in July showed overwhelming support for the airport’s workplace culture, with 90% of participants describing it as a great place to work. Similar surveys have shown that 57% of workers nationwide feel the same way about their place of employment.

“It’s probably overstated, but here we see our team members as family. Ensuring that 6 million passengers have the best possible customer experience is a major responsibility, and that starts with our employees and a workplace environment that is welcoming, inclusive and encourages creativity, participation and innovation,” said Atif Elkadi, OIAA CEO. “It’s no coincidence that some of our most popular airport programs – ONT+, Hidden Disabilities Sunflower and the annual 5K at the Runway – were largely employee driven. Their success is our success, and something the entire community benefits from.”

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Acerca del Aeropuerto Internacional de Ontario

El Aeropuerto Internacional de Ontario (ONT) es el aeropuerto de más rápido crecimiento en los Estados Unidos, según Global Traveler, una publicación líder para viajeros frecuentes. Ubicada en Inland Empire, ONT está aproximadamente a 35 millas al este del centro de Los Ángeles, en el centro del sur de California. Es un aeropuerto de servicio completo que ofrece servicio de aviones comerciales sin escalas a casi dos docenas de aeropuertos importantes en EE. UU., México, América Central y Taiwán. Más información disponible en Siga a @flyONT en FacebookTwittery Instagram

Acerca de la Autoridad del Aeropuerto Internacional de Ontario (OIAA)

La OIAA se formó en agosto de 2012 mediante un Acuerdo de Poderes Conjuntos entre la ciudad de Ontario y el condado de San Bernardino para proporcionar dirección general para la gestión, operaciones, desarrollo y comercialización de ONT en beneficio de la economía del sur de California y los residentes de la zona de influencia de cuatro condados del aeropuerto. Los comisionados de la OIAA son el concejal de la ciudad de Ontario, Alan D. Wapner (presidente), el alcalde jubilado de Riverside, Ronald O. Loveridge (vicepresidente), el concejal de la ciudad de Ontario, Jim W. Bowman (secretario), el supervisor del condado de San Bernardino, Curt Hagman (comisionado) y empresarios jubilados. ejecutiva Julia Gouw (Comisaria).