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FPPC Reporting

The Ontario International Airport Authority (OIAA) Ticket Distribution Policy was established to ensure that all tickets and/or passes provided to the OIAA shall be distributed in furtherance of governmental and/or public purposes as required under the Fair Political Practices Commission (FPPC) Title 2 of the California Code of Regulations, Section 18944.1. The distribution of tickets or passes pursuant to this policy are reported on FPPC Form 802 and posted on this site within 30 days after the ticket distribution.

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Form 802s-2022
PDF icon 20220429.pdf75.46 KB
PDF icon 20220301.pdf81.66 KB
PDF icon 2022021275.55 KB
Form 802s-2021
PDF icon 20211231.pdf101.28 KB
PDF icon 2021112176.32 KB
PDF icon 20211107a.pdf141.87 KB
PDF icon 20211030.pdf87.23 KB
PDF icon 20210925.pdf178.62 KB
PDF icon 20210911.pdf203.83 KB
PDF icon 20210904_2.pdf79.22 KB
PDF icon 20210904.pdf314.55 KB
Form 802s-2020
Form 802s-2019
Form 802s-2018
Form 801s
PDF icon 20211023.pdf84.9 KB
PDF icon 20211002.pdf84.17 KB
PDF icon 20191012.pdf83.08 KB
PDF icon 20180915.pdf85.99 KB
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