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The Perfect Choice for Nonstop Travel

Our growing number of nonstop destinations and major connections give you the options you need when flying to or from Southern California.

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Nonstop Flight Destinations

Los números del Aeropuerto de Ontario


                    70+ icon


partidas diarias


                    18.7M icon


residentes atendidos en el Sur de California


                    5.6M icon


pasajeros atendidos (2019)


                    1,741 icon


acres de espacio aeroportuario


                    2 icon


Runaways Over 10,200 Feet Long


                    924,160 icon


Toneladas de carga transportadas (2020)

Flight Schedules

More than 10 airline partners, over 25 nonstop destinations and 70+ daily departures make ONT one of the most convenient travel hubs in Southern California. 

Facts and Resources

  • The Inland Empire is one of the fastest growing population centers in the U.S., attracting nearly 47,000 new residents (fifth fastest in the U.S. among metro areas) and 33,000 new households (second fastest) annually. 

  • The IE is expected to grow another 25% in the next quarter century, approaching 7 million people.

  • The IE is a global supply chain hub, employing more than 200,000 in logistics and related industries.

  • The IE is one of the youngest regions in California, with a median age (32) that’s five years younger than the U.S. average. 26% of the population is under the age of 18.


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